Di Depux Cassette Necklace

I’ve wanted to order from Di Depux for a while now. Despina’s work has impressed me ever since I found out about her a few months ago. She’s a graphic designer, so she has a great out for layouts–be that jewelry or marketing in general. When the cash flow was right, I went ahead and purchased my first piece from her. This is what I nabbed:


As a music fan, and child of the 80s, I thought it was right to represent that. It’s a fun piece to brighten up my work outfits without being too casual.  I’ve actually ordered a couple more necklaces from her and will be sure to show you all to give some more ideas out there. She does custom work as well, so if you want a name necklace, logos tags, etc.–she can work with you.

I’m thinking about getting some of the latter to add to chainmaille pieces in the future. So many ideas…

Where can you find her online:
Etsy Shop
Facebook Page