I Kick Shins Review & Box Braid Results

Now that I’m a few months in to re-growing my hair, post-mohawk, I decided to put my hair back into box braids. I’m living in Chicago (hello winter), my hair’s about 1.5″-2″ long now and a hat can only help so much.

Knowing that, I had to put an order in from my favorite suppliers—I Kick Shins. Whether I’m looking from dramatic colors, fun ombres or a more natural look like today—I know I can find what I need for a reasonable price. Not to mention, every time I order from California, it never takes more than 2-3 business days.I’ve used the site since college and highly recommend it. If only I could have that same confidence in the Chicago postal system…

Any who…I wanted a simple look to begin with and RastAfri has the perfect shade of brown that was just slightly lighter than my natural color. I tend to take 4-6 packs for my whole head when I do larger braids, but I wanted to do something smaller to see if I could handle the weight. After all, I had a mohawk for two years and I always like my braids long.

RastAfri Kanekalon

I mentioned this on my Instagram, but there’s one little “cheat” I like to do the night before a braid out.

Pre-Sectioned Natural Hair

Lovely bathroom photo, I know. ; )

After washing my hair and letting the kanekalon hair soak in the diluted ACV (that’s Apple Cider Vinegar), I get everything sectioned off so that I can just wake up and jump into the many hours box braiding takes.

After about 7-7.5 hours of braiding, your results will look something like this:

Finished Box Braids

I didn’t seal the ends when I took this photo. After rebraiding the leftover sections that had unraveled in the process, it was just a matter of boiling the ends and drying them off with a towel.

Let me know what your favorite hairstyle is when you’re at the TWA stage. The plan is to grow my hair down to my midback, so there will be many style changes over the next few years. I hope you enjoy the ride.