Influenster VoxBox Review: ChapStick Lip Butters

I’m back with another Influenster VoxBox review for you! And this was a really awesome campaign to be able to participant in. ChapStick is a regular part of my lip care routine, so being able to try some natural products was quite exciting.

Influenster ChapStick Campaign Card

I have to give another shout-out to the team at Influenster on the check-in process. It’s getting smoother and more concise with each new campaign.

ChapStick Lip Butter Trio

The three “flavors” to try were Sweet Papaya, Pink Grapefruit and Green Tea Mint. The smooth application was my favorite aspect of these. Lip butter should imply that, but here’s the best comparison I can give you:

You know how when you first open up a new tube of lip balm? The top isn’t hard, but you have that slight rim? You press down a bit as you apply it too smooth out the layer for future applications. These lip butters glide on as if that rim was never there.

Green Tea Mint Chapstick

I’m a fan of all things mint and tea, so needless to say—this was (and still is) my favorite out of the three. There’s nothing like that tingly menthol as you feel the product absorb into your skin. Just delightful.

Pink Grapefruit ChapStick

My next favorite was the Pink Grapefruit, it has a very light scent and glides on gently. My least favorite, only because it was the last one included—Sweet Papaya.

Sweet Papaya ChapStick

Blame it on the fact I also don’t like papaya to begin with. Bias showing proudly. ; )

Overall, these were great to be introduced to. I like using them as a base for my matte lip colors. You can click below to see the full list of ingredients for each flavor:

Green Tea Mint

Pink Grapefruit

Sweet Papaya

Do you have another lip butter that’s worth checking out? Let me know below.