Jeffree Star: Celebrity Skin

I told you I had a backlog of product reviews. lol. I’m catching up fast, though!

I’ve been on the hunt for a great nude lipstick for some time. Since I don’t like doing full face makeup, I wanted a shade that would work for two specific situations: 1) a color that will compliment my everyday office attire and 2) a soft shade that I can combine with an intense eye for the days I have a big event.

This color meets both and then some! I know Jeffree Star had come out with a line and read all the comments about how quickly it sells out. Even on the website, you can only order two of a single color per order. My first choice (which will be one of my next orders) is actually the color “Weirdo” which is this fantastic black.

Don’t act surprised. I’ve got a blue-tipped mohawk and black nail polish on daily. Of course, I want black lipstick. ; )

Seriously, though, this color applies as a smooth cream and dries to a matte finish in about 45-50 seconds. Long enough to make any corrections (or awesome ombre effects). For my skin tone, it gives a perfect blank canvas for another color or just a clean look for a day in the city.

Others have stated the number of hours it lasts and lack of staining when eating/drinking. While that is true, I do tend to need a second application before the day’s out.

Concluding Thoughts

If you won’t cry over the $18 price tag, I really think it’s worth the money. With the amount of product needed and how much you get, it’s going to last awhile. The smell isn’t too strong and I find a thin layer of lip balm before application keeps it from making your lips dried out.

Black and White Image