MELT Cosmetics Rust Stack: Swatches and First Impressions

If you’re a makeup fan on social media, I can guarantee you’ve most likely heard of Melt Cosmetics. I finally gave in and purchased the Rust Stack after seeing it was all matte eyeshadows and in the nude color scheme I’m trying to shift into more when it comes to my “everyday” look (when I actually bother with makeup).

Melt Cosmetics Unboxing

As always, the fun product packaging is a simple way to win me over. Had I not maxed out on lip colors with Colourpop, I’d be ordering every color shown in the box. Yes, I’m that weak…Get over it.

Now, before you go jumping for joy—I do want to note that this palette is $58 USD. Depending on where makeup sits on your priority list, that might be a turnoff.

However, if you’re like me and prefer to invest in something you’ll use up before you allow yourself to order alternatives, I think it’s worth the price.

Melt Cosmetics Rust Stack

I had to take a photo of the box because I managed to convince myself I could part with it.

Gold star for you, Fetesha. I’m so proud!

And for all my ingredient nerds out there, here’s a quick breakdown:

Melt Cosmetics Rust Stack Details

Let’s move on to the real product photos:

Melt Cosmetics Rust Stack Palette

There’s something so beautiful about things being in color order. I reached a true moment of peace every time I see it!

Going from left to right we have the following shades: Rott, Rust, Rubbish, Antique, and Classic.

These are like a snapshot of fall in the best way. Regardless of the time of year, you can play around with great combinations from subtle to smokey.

And because all beauty product reviews require swatches, here’s how they show up on my skin shade:

Melt Cosmetics Rust Stack Swatches

Apparently, “antique” is the perfect way to describe me. Not sure if I should be glad it’s such a match or irritated by the name now associated with me. I’ll just refer to it as “refined” from now on… ; )

Which is your favorite shade?