Meme Box Review #5: It’s Skin Babyface Natural Eyebrow

FTC Disclaimer: I purchased these products with my money. I have not received any payment or incentives for this review, nor am I affiliated with the company in any way. All thoughts are my own.

MemeBox Review time, everyone. You know how it goes at this point. I spent my money on South Korean skin care and beauty products, give you all the rundown of how everything works and my overall thoughts on the product.


It’s Skin Babyface Natural Eyebrow Review

Eyebrows are what I consider one of my weak points–in terms of makeup. I’m pretty decent at shaping them (i.e. razor and/or tweezers), but filling them still makes me stop in confusion. I have the perfect image in my mind of what I’m trying to achieve, but getting my hands to follow that? Not so much.

I specifically purchased shade #02 Deep Brown. From the selection of colors, that seemed the closest to my natural brow color. Though, having done more research after the fact–I now know I should have gone a shade or two lighter. The more you know…

What I like the most about this product is how a little color goes a long way. Once you figure out the best way to angle the color stick–it becomes easier to control.