Memebox “It’s My Cushion”: First Impressions

I first heard about this product in the midst of stocking up on all things Memebox. While most users tend to purchase it for custom foundation mixes, I loved the idea of using it for my sunscreen—something I’m notorious for not using consistently, like many others.

It's My Cushion Container

As you can see from the photo above, it’s very easy to carry in your hand. The sponge inserts, as well as the cushion applicators, are very easy to replace and don’t break the bank.

One negative that is worth consideration is the concern for sanitation. I toss my applicator after a certain number of uses and thoroughly clean/replace the interior between refills. While that has worked, I do think it’s important to keep in mind. I’ll definitely share if my thoughts change as we move forward.

It's My Cushion Interior

So most compact cushions have this same setup. You have the built-in mirror (I didn’t pull off the sticker at the time), the cushion applicator sits on top of the main compartment, and then you like the little tab to reveal the sponge insert.

As this particular set was a DIY offering (i.e. no product included), you need to take the insert out to finish setup. Here’s two great tutorials on it: meejmuse adding custom foundation and adding Gothamista on adding sunscreen.

What are your thoughts on cushion compacts? Does the sanitation question scare you off? Like the idea behind using it for even sunscreen application?