SinfulColors SinfulShine Nail Polish Review

Sinful Colors is a nail brand I already buy quite often. Thankfully, this was not a color I already have. That would be great for the pocket-book, but defeats the chance of trying something new.

Now, I’ve always had horrible experiences with gel polishes. Actually, make that all nail polishes. It’s simple really. I always get the color on my skin and never have the patience to wait for it to dry. So the process normally goes as follows:

  • See great color in the bottle.
  • Purchase awesome color imagining the amazing designs I will never do.
  • Apply the color to my nails and somehow all over my fingers.
  • Wait about 20 seconds before returning to my daily tasks.
  • Cursing. Lots of cursing.
  • Debating for 10 minutes on if I should wash it all off again or just act like the mess was intentional.
  • 99.6% of the time, go with the latter.

Sinful Colors 1

Not that I’ve thought of that much. lol. Just ignore the mess and absorb the bright color. It’s festive and perfect for the new year. Two coats of the color + one coat of the included top coat and you should be set. I’ve also tested this out with SinfulColor’s white, black and red polishes as a base. The gold covers pretty well, so don’t think this will work as a glitter polish.

Victory for this shade. Another failure for my nail art approach. Purchase your own for $2.99 USD.

Black and White Image

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FTC Disclosure: I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.