Sugarpill Cosmetics: Eyeshadows

I did it. After holding off for so long, I finally ordered something from Sugarpill Cosmetics. It’s not that I didn’t like their products in the past–I’ve always heard nothing but the best. I’m just not one who wears makeup regularly. Too be honest, it’s been even less than normal these last few months.

I decided I wanted to find a regular makeup look since I’m going to be doing videos more regularly and man do I know how much “flaws” show in HD (I get way too uncomfortable when it comes to what I see as my physical flaws).

I chose yellow because it brings a lot of warmth to the face and seems to contrast nicely against my skin tone. Underneath, I used the e.l.f. mineral face primer, Rimmel London foundation primer and e.l.f. eye primer. I know, how much primer? lol. I wanted all bases covered. Otherwise, it was just the eyeshadow using my shadow and liner brushes. I’m still not happy with my eyebrows, so this is a work in progress. ; )

You can see in my photo that I only did one eye as a comparison for myself. I was rather impressed how well the Sugarpill eyeshadow turned out. All three I purchased are so pigmented and it only took a couple of brushings to get this opaque look. I’ve become less of a fan of shimmer eyeshadow vs. matte, so this is a nice middle ground.


When the box came in the mail, after just 2 days (from Oakland, CA to the Chicago suburbs)–I was so excited. Everything was packaged carefully and was such fun to open. I always hear horror stories from online makeup orders. Broken eyeshadow, spilled product, etc. So I was ecstatic that nothing of the sort occurred. Just look at the marketing work here. I loved studying the packaging as much at the actual makeup. The sample I received is “Stella”.

In case you’re curious, these are the shades I ordered:


I plan on ordering other colors in the future, but am quite content with this trio for now. I figure between this and a neutral look for more formal work events, I’ll be set for eye makeup. Now I start the hunt for a good camera-ready concealer. Any suggestions?


Do you use Sugarpill Cosmetics at all? I know people use them for more dramatic looks–and believe me, I’ll share those as well. However, you can do more “basic” makeup looks with the products as well and that’s what I love so much.