YASOU skin care: Vegan Cell Renewal Night Cream Review

I’m always on the hunt for new skincare products. Not because I want to use multiple brands, but because it’s truly a test to find your perfect combination. Something I’m always grateful for is the fact that my job exposes me to local entrepreneurs that work in multiple fields (click here to learn more). YASOU skin care is one of those businesses.

I finally finished my last container of night cream, so it was the perfect time to test out something new. Terry, the founder, designed the entire product line based on Greek skincare traditions. Each product is vegan and cruelty-free and uses as many natural ingredients as possible. Everything is also made right here in Chicago.

When I was first told that it would take a small amount of product to cover your face, I was curious to see how long it would last me. After all, I tend to go on the heavy end of usage. My skin is dry and sensitive, so everything is always quick to absorb.

A quarter-sized amount does just fine for me. I like that you can feel it sink in, but it doesn’t feel oversaturated at the same time. As dehydrated as my skin can be, it feels baby soft after a few minutes. And you don’t get that sticky residue some night creams have after you’ve gone through a complete routine.

Overall, I’d say it’s worth the price. It’s $80 for 1.6 oz and that will last you awhile. It’s worth the investment for your skin.