Pop Culture

A few years ago, I was quite heavy into the music promotion scene. Therefore, you’ll see the occasional band interview. I’m not a big television watcher but when I am, I often find myself participating in an unexpected live tweeting session. If a story breaks on a franchise I love, of course, I want to toss my voice into the conversation.  A new book or course to learn about? I’m in. When I discover a great piece of pop culture, I want to share my passion for it with the world. If that sounds like something of interest to you–these are the reviews you want to see.

Musician Interview: Ultrea

Ultrea is the next interview I’m sharing with you all. This interview covered a history of the band as well as a great discussion on messages musicians portray with their music. I don’t want to give too much away, so check it out below. Upcoming Shows: 9/13       Dragonfly Lounge     Madison, … Continue reading Musician Interview: Ultrea

Magazine Haul: SHOXX & Cure (Japan)

Anyone who knows me is quite aware of my love for Japanese rock musicians. And like many other music fans, that means getting my hands on the latest magazines covering everything on the scene (and new posters to put up on my wall. Here are two of my favorite magazines out there.

Japanese for Busy People

While in college, I’ve decided to continue my endeavor to learn another language. My mother drew me into the Japanese culture after hearing stories of her own childhood. Although I’m far from fluent, I’m doing my best as time allows.

Passport Journal

Renaissance Art: Passport Refillable Journal

I won a free journal after participating in an independent marketing webinar on BigMarker (really awesome platform, by the way). It’s beautiful and in the video I just take a quick look inside. Who else loves the feel of a brand new journal?

June 2014 NerdBlock

NerdBlock finally won me over. So, of course, that mean it was time for a video review.

July 2014 NerdBlock

Can you figure out what my favorite part of this month’s NerdBlock was? NERF immediately put me back in my childhood. Check out the video below for the full review.