Marvel Collector Corps #2: Ant-Man

Oh yeah! This ended up being a subscription box I was dreading that evolved into something I treasure after having seen the film. Go figure. I know it’s from the last box (already putting my review together for the Villains box that just arrived last week), but it was a fun surprise.

Marvel Collector Corp Ant-Man

I put off seeing the Ant-Man film for weeks. The first trailers didn’t strike me and I was determined to hold off as long as humanly possible. However, I also knew there’d end up being a post-credit scene and this was not going to turn in the Captain America fiasco again…

As usual, the Collector Corps box contained a theme comic strip on the inside of the box. The top cover had the normal patch and pin, so it was just a matter of what comic, figurines and t-shirt would be inside.

The Ant-Man comic is self-explanatory. The t-shirt with a tongue-in-cheek “real size” Ant-Man drawing had me cracking up. There were then two bobbleheads, and my favorite–the Funko Pop figurines. Yes, a two-in-one deal here–the unmasked Ant-Man and the “smallest Funko Pop bobblehead yet”.

Concluding Thoughts

Since I ditched NerdBlock due to wanting want figurines, the Marvel Collector Corps has been a great joy to look forward to every other month. My tower of awesome continues to increase and I can’t wait to get the display so that I can finally take everything out of the packaging (Hulkbuster, I’m looking at you).

Black and White Image