“Unveiled Beauty” Book: First Impressions

I wrote my first poem at the age of 10. It was a rather sad piece reflective of the ugly stresses I was dealing with at the time. That poem was my first experience understanding the power of words and the emotions they could help to explain when I was struggling to get the thoughts from my head to the people around me.

Needless to say, poetry holds a very special place in my heart and I’m always happy to discover a new writer.

Unveiled Beauty Book Collage

I did buy this book with my money, but it was another discovery thanks to my role at work. The author, Lisa Harris, is an alumnus of the same university my CEO went to and the latter actually gave an endorsement for the book.

When I spoke with Lisa about this project—because there’s an even-bigger story beyond the book itself—it was such a cool idea to take it.

Basically, this project is a collaboration of love between a few different people. A Chicago-based photographer, real women exemplifying all the aspects of beauty, a female fashion-designer showcasing her work, and empowering poetry to wrap it all neatly together.

When you buy the book, you have the option for a signed copy with a small personal message.

I’m reading the book in a different way. Every few days, I flip to a random page and use the new poem as inspiration for the day.

You can purchase your own copy here.