Because I constantly curate marketing resources, I’ve posts this public list of my favorites. It will be updated regularly. Below, you will also find a list of topic-specific content.

Local Businesses

I have the pleasure of networking with many businesses and entrepreneurs thanks to my current job. And because of that, I love to recommend them when it’s possible. See below for my recommendations. Awesome Nonprofits liftUPlift YWCA Metropolitan Chicago Take Your Events to the Next Level phillsgood

Social Media Tips

Facebook The Ideal Facebook Cover Photo Size 5 Ways Businesses are Using Visual Storytelling on Facebook (via Ekaterina Walker) Twitter Twitter Answers YouTube YouTube Creator Academy Create or Edit Channel Art Complete Guide to YouTube Optimization (Buffer) Instagram

Locking Down the Strategy

I talk about working in the digital marketing space (specifically with social), but I wanted to take the time to really walk through my process. The first thing I would say, is I try to constantly stay educated on trends by attending webinars, listening to podcasts, and working on certifications. A few months ago, I … Continue reading Locking Down the Strategy

Window Shopping Hacks

A.K.A. “Shopping before you shop” What the heck am I talking about, right? If you’re childhood was like mine—there was a lot of window shopping involved. And there’s nothing wrong with that. If you aren’t familiar with window shopping—it’s quite simple. You’re broke, but mentally bookmarking everything you want to come back and buy once … Continue reading Window Shopping Hacks

Useful Articles

These are some of my immediate go-to websites when it comes to staying updated on all things social. Click here to check out my ongoing list. You will find content from websites like: Buffer Mashable The Next Web Ars Technica TechnoBuffalo Cult of Mac The Complete Guide to Choosing a Content Calendar (via Buffer) Content … Continue reading Useful Articles

Web Design

These are a variety of technology resources I’ve bookmarked in regards to UX and/or UI projects, project management, online tools, etc. Fabric Website Screenshot Generator & API OpenStreetMap Esri ZIP Code Lookup B1 Online Archiver Google Apps for Work Online Audio Converter Lorem Ipsum Generator Google Fonts Website Grader


I’m always looking for something new of interest. Below you will find a current list of my favorites. If you have another you think I should check out, please share! Social Media Marketing/Business 10X Talk with Dan Sullivan and Joe Polish Content Pros Podcast Entrepreneur on Fire FOMOFanz I Love Marketing Influence Pros Podcast Online … Continue reading Podcasts

Product Review Policy

Review Policy

Everyone knows how slippery the line can be when it comes to ethics around product reviews. I do accept product review requests for my website, however, please take the following into consideration before you reach out to me: I have a deep sense of brand loyalty. One I find something that works, I don’t usually try … Continue reading Review Policy