Review Policy

Everyone knows how slippery the line can be when it comes to ethics around product reviews. I do accept product review requests for my website, however, please take the following into consideration before you reach out to me:

  1. I have a deep sense of brand loyalty. One I find something that works, I don’t usually try something different unless that changes. So while I appreciate something that might be a “great dupe” for something else—it’s not of interest.
  2. Skincare/beauty, technology, and music/pop culture are the only areas I like to focus my reviews on. In the past, I’ve reviewed a variety of products out of pure curiosity. However, I’ve since narrowed my focus and will not consider other topics at this time.
  3. I will give my honest feedback. I don’t sugar coat my thoughts, so a free/sponsored review does not equate to guaranteed positive feedback. That does not mean I won’t be respectful.
  4. I am transparent about sponsored content. I feel like this should go without saying, but don’t ask me to lie about receiving something. That’s the quickest way to add yourself to my blacklist.
  5. Don’t send something without contacting me first. If I haven’t explicitly accepted your proposal and signed an agreement (hard copy or digital), I will not guarantee a review.

Anything sent to me that does not abide by the previously mentioned rules will result in one of the following:

  1. Donation to someone/an organization of my discretion. If I can’t use it/it doesn’t apply to me, I’ll find someone who can.
  2. Be sent back.

Business inquiries can be sent to