Technology has always fascinated me. Sometimes it’s software. Other times, it’s an addition to a DIY hardware upgrade. Here you will find my reviews of different tech purchases. Have a better workaround? Please let me know!

Free Software Options

My laptop crashed twice in college. After the second time, I just wasn’t willing to fork out the cash to install certain programs again. I was broke. I was frustrated. I was a college student with many friends in the same boat… Through some quick research and conversations, there were many recommendations on free alternatives others … Continue reading Free Software Options


This is not a paid promotion/recommendation. All thoughts are my own. Tweepi is my main cleanup tool for maintaining my Twitter account. Whether I’m unfollowing abandoned accounts, finding new followers or studying how often others are tweeting–I just enjoy the free tool. There are premium features you can pay for, but I find that there’s … Continue reading Tweepi

Twitter Screenshot

Why I Tweet

Everyone has their favorite SNS platform and Twitter is one of my top choices. After almost six years, I’m still using it daily if not weekly. This was my groundbreaking first tweet. I started using it more consistently for a class. Our professor wanted us to get practice at being concise with article headlines. 140 characters, … Continue reading Why I Tweet

Do You Use Twitter Lists?

I was amazed to find out that Twitter lists are apparently still rather underutilized. Lists are one of my favorite features. Now, I know Twitter has talked of filtering the feed anyway. This is an idea which I highly disagree with since there are so many ways to control filtering already. Lists are a nice way … Continue reading Do You Use Twitter Lists?

Google I/O 2014 Smartwatch Preview

A Bias Take on Tech

This has been such a crazy few months for me. I went from getting settled to being on fast-forward nonstop. I’m still reeling with all the amazing (positive) changes. Here’s just a sampling of what I’ve been up to recently. — CreatingILTalent One of the big focuses in the tech industry has been lack of … Continue reading A Bias Take on Tech

Fun iPhone Apps

I download a crazy number of apps regularly. Let’s put it this way, I have an app that tells me what are free/discounted apps every day (Appsgonefree). So I thought it might be fun to share some of my current favorites with you all if you’re trying to find something different yourself. Today’s apps are … Continue reading Fun iPhone Apps

LEAF by bellabeat

LEAF by bellabeat

Like many others, I get bombarded with ads for wearable tech. I’ve been rather vocal about my reluctance to give into it because I hate the idea of giving a third-party so much information about my life and health. However, I eventually got to the point of acceptance. Acceptance that my information is already out … Continue reading LEAF by bellabeat