LEAF by bellabeat

Like many others, I get bombarded with ads for wearable tech. I’ve been rather vocal about my reluctance to give into it because I hate the idea of giving a third-party so much information about my life and health. However, I eventually got to the point of acceptance. Acceptance that my information is already out in many databases–some of which are already in third-party hands. If strangers already have that, I might as well make use of it myself.

Bellabeat LEAF

There was months of research I put in and I had narrowed down my list of potential products before I can across an Instagram post by a company called Bellabeat. This was a wearable device aimed specifically at women. The design stands out, though it’s not enough to say, “hey women, check this out!”

What made it different?

Bellabeat LEAF Box

Outside of tracking your steps/calories and sleep patterns/alarms like other devices, you can also track your reproduction cycle (i.e. your period, ovulation and pregnancy status), there are built-in mediation and breathing exercise tracks–and with recent updates, stress level monitoring. Once a week, you get a report with your average stats and a comparison to the entire Bellabeat community.

You also have the ability to wear it on different parts of your body (i.e. wrist, neck, stomach) in different ways (i.e. as a necklace/bracelets/clip). You can even let the corresponding app know the exact placement so that it tracks everything more accurately. I went with the Leaf Nature, although there’s also the Leaf Urban (for more intense activity tracking and Leaf Shell (for prenatal tracking). All of the devices are just over $100, so it’s an easier price point to swallow.

Updates are rather frequent and you can go days without syncing the device, if needed. Because of the fact that it just looks like a piece of jewelry, it’s also more discrete way to track your health. The battery lasts 6 months and does not require charging. My silver edition is made of certified white ash wood and stainless still. So if you have a nickel allergy like me–this isn’t going to break you out. I definitely recommend you check this out.