Fun iPhone Apps

I download a crazy number of apps regularly. Let’s put it this way, I have an app that tells me what are free/discounted apps every day (Appsgonefree). So I thought it might be fun to share some of my current favorites with you all if you’re trying to find something different yourself. Today’s apps are those available for the iPhone. I have a Samsung tablet as well, so I’ll do another post on app that are Android-only. These are in no particular order.


If you are a fan of QR Codes or want a simple UI, this is a great app. Not only will it open the hyperlink, it also keeps a history of codes scanned for when you want/need to go back and don’t have the code with you anymore.


If you’re a web comics fan like myself, this is a nice app with many series and a pretty intuitive UI. Most are updated regularly and it’s easy to flag your favorites.

BoD (Band of the Day)

Music fans! This is a great discovery app. Just as it sounds, the app has a different band each day. You can scroll back through the calendar for SNS links, music samples and other bio info on the bands. It’s a mix of genres and I think it’s cool for lesser-known acts to get some coverage.


I can’t take credit for directly discovering this one. A fellow commuter shared it with me as an alternative to MetraOnTime (Chicagoans, this one is still nice for knowing train times, it just isn’t a live update). Transit is a live-update of where you’re at as well as the ability to flag a specific place on the map and see all the public transportation options going to/from that spot.


Want to keep track of your wardrobe (regardless of size) and/or make sure you aren’t repeating the same outfit all the time? This app has you take photos of each article of clothing and categorize as you see fit. You can create multiple “closets” (maybe one for work and one for casual clothing), note when you’ve worn earn piece and use the calendar to track outfits. You can even make packing lists.


If you live in Chicagoland, or visiting the area soon–Chicago’s Best is a great resource for discovering hidden food gems. It corresponds with the TV show. I have so many places, even around the corner, that I wasn’t aware of.


I have never used the iPhone built-in camera app. Just not a fan. Camera+ has always been my preference. Great features and excellent photo quality. Take a photo and check out the raw image. Mind blown.

LINE Camera

I always wondered how everyone added the cartoons and written doodles to their photos. After I saw a YouTube video mentioning the app name a month ago, I downloaded it immediately. The decor download packs are updated almost daily (both free and premium). These photos integrate into other SNS apps including LINE and pick.

Pic Stitch

Need collage photos with a lot of free layouts? This app. When you export the photos, there’s always a short ad, but it’s a small price for the ease of use.

Art Set

This is easier to use on a tablet, but if you doodle–it’s a great app. Actual artists (which I will never count myself as) are doing some amazing work.


Abstract art from your own photos? How about thank you very much. I just downloaded this yesterday and it’s a lot of fun to experiment with.

Hopefully there was something new on the list. All the names in bold match the App Store names. So download away and let me know what you think!