LAMOU Table: First Impressions

This is another product find I have to credit to my job. lol. A recent pattern over the last year or so.

LAMOU Table 2

What is so tech-based about a table? Well, LAMOU offers tables with the designs 3D printed on the surface. You can select from their own collections, featured artists or even upload your own image to build your own from scratch. Yeah…it’s that kind of tech.

Branded table? No problem! Coffee table vs. nightstand? Done!

This was actually a gift for my mother. She wanted a new nightstand that was unique (we both consider that factor important when it comes to shopping).

LAMOU Table 3

I also adore that each it numbered and the design included for future reference.

Now, I bought mine in person at an event, so it was already pre-assembled. When you receive the table in the mail, it comes in a box with the legs and screws. You just need a standard Phillips head screwdriver for a 2-3 minute assembly.

Prices start at $199.