Samsung Gear VR: Unboxing and First Impressions

Samsung Gear VR Box

Back in March, I picked up a Samsung Gear VR for free as part of a promotion with my cell phone carrier when I made the switch to the S7 Edge (which I still adore). As my love for Samsung products is no secret, I had to try this out.

Fun fact: I’ve dealt with motion and sea sickness since I was a kid.

Okay, so that’s a not-so-fun fact…

But needless to say, I wanted to get it during a free deal because I knew I’d be using it casually at best.

Actual fun fact: I first experienced VR back when DisneyQuest was still a thing. I don’t remember the name of the game, but it was a FPS/horror theme and all it took for me to “nope” the heck out was hearing and seeing these horrifying dogs à la Resident Evil. My whiplash was strong enough for the headset to fall off and when the staff came over to assist me with putting it back on, I shot them down.

Samsung Gear VR Welcome

Open the box and you have the card with your unique registration code and setup instructions. A pretty standard process that just takes a few minutes to complete.

Samsung Gear VR Unboxing

There’s something about removing electronics from the box for the first time. I love spending a few minutes assessing the packaging quality and slowly removing all the wrapping. Tech nerd, I know. ; )

Samsung Gear VR Side View

Seriously, though. It’s it just a piece of beauty? I mean, let’s take a moment to grasp what has happened over the last decade. We’ve been able to quickly shift into smartphones and wearable VR technology. Remember when the internet was still DSL?

Don’t answer that. I don’t feel like crying today.

I’m going to leave the in-depth review to the professionals. However, here are some of my thoughts as a casual gamer (i.e. that friend who adores “Let’s Plays” over actually holding the controller).


  • It’s simple enough to attach your phone and make adjustments to clarity.
  • After a few minutes, using the side controls grow more intuitive.
  • By the time I need to take it off, my motion sickness is just starting to kick in.
  • Cirque du Soleil is killing it with their content.

Not so fun?

  • It gets hot fast. Well, your smart phone does…
  • Can’t wear my glasses at the same time.
  • The motion sickness severity rating isn’t always helpful. Just like any other online review, a limited number of reviews without real descriptions make it a guessing game.

Overall, I’m glad I was at least able to test something like this out. Had I paid the full price, I’d probably be a bit more bitter. At the same time, this is new technology and you have to respect the level that’s already been reached in such a short time.

Are you a VR fan?