Tesla Amazing Magnetic Notes: First Impression

I backed the Tesla Amazing Kickstarter a few years ago. I’m always on the hunt for unusual projects to back that I could make real use of. Being someone who runs through post-it notes like kleenex some days, I wanted to find out how useful it would be.

With the magnetic board proving quite helpful for personal brainstorming sessions, I went ahead and picked up a transparent A4 pad and large green notes.

Tesla Amazing Magnetic Products

I wanted a transparent pad because I love being able to see the background, in cases where I’m tracing something or playing around with the layout. I also think it’s an unconscious nod to the transparencies we used to have with the projects in school. #flashback

Magnetic Pad

Simple branding and easy to pull off the top-most page.

Magnetic Pad Thickness

You receive 50 sheets when you order the pads.

Magnetic Notes

Notes come with 100 sheets.

As these products do work off of static electricity, you will eventually wear down the grip the more you move them around. Still, for short-term projects (or transparent sheets for more artistic focuses), I think they are worth trying out.