This is not a paid promotion/recommendation. All thoughts are my own.

Tweepi is my main cleanup tool for maintaining my Twitter account. Whether I’m unfollowing abandoned accounts, finding new followers or studying how often others are tweeting–I just enjoy the free tool. There are premium features you can pay for, but I find that there’s enough you can do without them.

You might be asking why something like this would be needed. In regards to Twitter, you follow people and some might follow you back. However, I find that over time two things tend to happen: people abandon accounts and/or you get spammers following you. Both are legitimate reasons to do some clean up. Even if you aren’t removing anyone, it’s also a nice way to organize your lists and make sure you haven’t missed anyone.

There are three main management features with Tweepi: flush, reciprocate and cleanup. Flush pertains to the list of accounts you follow that do not follow you back. Reciprocate is a list of your followers whom you don’t follow back. Cleanup lists all people you follow, regardless of if they follow you or not. There are some other features that allow for you to discover new accounts and/or run some analysis.

Regardless of which list you start with, you can see all sorts of stats (adjusting the columns as you see fit). For example, you can get information on: follower totals, follower ratios, the last tweet since you updated Tweepi, how many lists a handle is on, Klout score, etc. It’s really a matter of how deep into the data you’d like to get.

So if you’d like to do some minor account maintenance, or find new handles to follow among your own followers, it’s a great place to start. I try to use Tweepi about once a month. Getting rid of spam accounts and finding new accounts are always my two priorities. If it’s no big deal to you–don’t waste the time. I just like having a free tool to reference as needed.