Why I Tweet

Everyone has their favorite SNS platform and Twitter is one of my top choices. After almost six years, I’m still using it daily if not weekly. This was my groundbreaking first tweet. I started using it more consistently for a class. Our professor wanted us to get practice at being concise with article headlines. 140 characters, where you have to include a link, is a great way to get that skill down.

I can get verbose at times–especially when I steer off-topic. When I catch myself doing that, I sometimes pop onto my account to rework my wording. I don’t even have to publish the post. It forces me to stick to the main thought, nothing more.

The pacing fits my personality. I like getting snippets of conversations. The live news feed means there’s constantly a new focus that’s about to trend. After some time on the platform, you start getting better at judging what’s beginning to take off. It’s how I process the world and usually triggers ideas for offline discussions/projects.

Twitter chats allow for a throwback of old school chatrooms. You find those relevant hashtags and jump right into the conversation. Seeing thought leaders expand on news stories and trends is great. The opportunity to get instant clarification is wonderful. The same goes for live tweeting events/shows. I’ve gained so many fandom friends just be live tweeting an episode of Doctor Who.

Where else can you see major brands in rapid customer service situations while also trying to work in pop culture memes? Some of my favorite tweets are from companies that really know how to speak to a fandom. And I’m not going to lie, knowing a few celebrities I fangirl over follow back (even if it is just a marketing intern)–it’s about the experience.

I feel like there’s still a strong community on Twitter. Yes, there are definitely some changes that have occurred over the years. Some of the rumors of what’s to come don’t always make me happy. But as a way to discover new people, find niche news stories and establish my brand–I think it’s worth the time.