Do You #FF?

Today, we return to the subject of Twitter. More specifically, #FF aka #FollowFriday aka free promo day. Traditionally, Twitter users go the route of including multiple lists of just Twitter handles and the hashtag. I was once known for doing this.

And then, I really started thinking about it. Sure, it’s a nod to people I think other users are paying attention to. But really, are you learning why I think so? No. I now approach #FF a few different ways. These include: small lists, networking & acknowledgements. Let me walk you through the choices.

Small Lists

Sometimes you just don’t have the time to walk through why each person you’d recommend is a stand out. However, you realize it’s nice to share a bit more with your followers. So, you create a list of 4-5 handles with a quick one sentence description of why.


I really love using #FF as an opportunity to connect followers to each other. If you see Twitter streams and realize people should interact–let them know! Not only are you bringing attention to their conversations, you’re expanding their networks–be that personal or professional.


Finally, sometimes it’s just nice to say thank you to an individual. Include your reasoning if you’d like (as illustrated below) or just say thanks. There’s not really a wrong way to go about it.